Value Proposition

To Contribute Significantly to Your Success

Impact Delivered!

RGBA has helped clients achieve great things:

  • Helped prepare clients for equity events
  • Built PE-backed firm’s leadership team for 3x growth
  • Tripled revenues in premier B2B services company’s largest business unit
  • Launched a new market and doubled revenues for a VC portfolio company
  • Expanded leadership team, enabling firm’s ascension to “#1 Service Provider in the industry”
  • Built a new Big-4 Advisory major practice area and the next decade’s leadership
  • Upgraded Cybersecurity operations for a large health system
  • Helped create a Digital Transformation Office for a major services provider

Compare RGBA…

Who would YOU choose?

RGBA “Results-Based Search”

Successfully completed 95% of projects, resulting in a 98% repeat/referred customer ratio…among the best in the industry.

Big Brand Retained Firms

Complete a reported 55% – 75%, or an average of 65%, of all search assignments.

Typical Contingency Firms

Complete only 4% (1 of 25) “job orders”.

R. Gaines Baty Associates - Average Completion Ratio0%
Big Brand Retained Firms - Average Completion Ratio0%
Contingency Firms - Average Completion Ratio0%

Why Choose RGBA?

RGBA Differentiators…and what’s in it for YOU:

  • Successful body of work in your domain…we understand your business
  • Exemplary performance…98% repeat/referred clients is no accident
  • Minimal “off-limits” search restrictions…unlike larger competitors, providing access to a broader selection of top talent
  • Focused team approach…several search experts with 20+ years of experience dedicated to your most important projects
  • Sophisticated search process…attract better performers (not necessarily “looking”)
  • Results-oriented fee structure…we share the risk, and drive win-win outcomes
  • Comprehensive and targeted search strategy & proprietary national network…you’ll see the right people from the right places
  • Search tailored to fit your unique needs, style and culture
  • Trusted advisors, protecting your best interests & providing a competitive advantage
  • Tenacity, commitment and sense of urgency = more timely results
  • Failure is not an option. You can count on results.
  • Value-add…competitive intelligence, market messaging, feedback, salary surveys, etc.
  • Better results and less risk at a better price = Increased ROI