Candidate Insights

What Candidates Say about RGBA


“Thanks for all your help.  You have been great throughout the process.  I have talked with a lot of recruiting firms over the years, both in hiring and in considering career opportunities. RGBA is one of the best. Your level of follow-through, professionalism, and warm personal approach is appreciated.  I look forward to working with you in the future for any hiring needs.”


“I’ll make in excess of $1M this year, and you got me into this field.”


“I’m impressed with your professionalism and thoroughness.  You seem to know your client company, role and industry better than any recruiter I’ve ever worked with, including a lot of corporate recruiters.  When asked, most of them couldn’t tell me half of the detail you’ve just volunteered; and you’ve presented some thought-provoking questions that will not only help me in future interviews but will help me make some important decisions about my career direction.”


“Former associates ask, sarcastically and doubtingly, how my new gig is going – Is it really better? My response is always that ‘It exceeds my expectations!’ It is amazing how RGBA called me cold and presented a solid case for me to move, especially since I was so happy before.”
Big-4 Consulting Partner/candidate hired as President


“I’m so grateful to you and your firm.  I wouldn’t be where I am now without your guidance and the great opportunities that you’ve helped me to secure over the past 20 years.”


“You’re my career therapist!”