Case Study – Perot Systems

Perot Systems

Strategic Rebranding and Transformative Growth Initiative

R. Gaines Baty Associates (RGBA) was retained to tackle a strategic initiative that was critical to the effective positioning and growth of Perot Systems’ Healthcare business unit. At that time, RGBA had not worked with Perot or in the healthcare industry; but, as the result of another client’s recommendation, a unique partnership was forged that fueled Perot with the talent needed to provide best-in-class Healthcare solutions, to grow exponentially, and to achieve a sizeable equity event.

During RGBA’s search ‘Kickoff’ process, Perot’s President lamented that Perot Systems was viewed, in his words, as a “commodity outsourcer, not a real ‘Healthcare’ company”. He described his strategy to transform and reposition his organization (then $500MM) as a true ‘Healthcare Solutions provider’ by building expertise and delivering superior value to Healthcare clients. Reflecting frustration that his company’s large and normally effective recruiting organization had proven inadequate for this task, he declared, “Human Resources is mad at me that you (Gaines Baty) are here, but we can’t do it without you.”

R Gaines Baty engaged with Perot for one search. Then another, and another. With a clear understanding of Perot’s transformation strategy, and with each position, RGBA conducted comprehensive searches to find and deliver the best and most relevant talent available from the right competitors and with the skills and grit to help lock-in and accelerate Perot’s journey to a new paradigm.

Perot Healthcare’s President quickly acknowledged RGBA’s noticeable impact and superior results by proposing an enterprise search partnership to help execute his transformational growth strategy. He’d compared search firms, and most trusted R. Gaines Baty. A win-win, exclusive search package was crafted.

Over the following six years, R. Gaines Baty completed 60+ searches for Perot Systems. These projects, across Payer, Provider and Government Healthcare domains and offerings, included searches for:

    • Payer CEO
    • President Government Healthcare
    • Client Partners/CEO’s
    • Chief and Solution Architects
    • Chief Medical Officer
    • Chief Nurse Executives
    • Client CIO’s
    • Account CFO’s
    • Consulting Leaders
    • Sales Leaders
    • Sales teams

R. Gaines Baty conducted every critical, urgent, high-level, difficult-to-find and unique/needle-in-the-haystack search project for Perot. RGBA helped to build out virtually every executive office in the business unit. RGBA placements were awarded “Rookie of the Year”, “Salesman of the Year”, and “Employee of the Year” honors. Professionals and leaders placed by R. Gaines Baty made a huge impact. 

The RGBA search team persevered over an extended period with business acumen to identify and vet appropriate, high-quality talent. RGBA effectively promoted Perot’s compelling attributes and vision to literally thousands of Healthcare professionals, which also helped to ‘rebrand’ Perot with its new value proposition. And with fewer non-solicit agreements than larger search firms, RGBA was able to reach into more target organizations to find the right talent.


At the conclusion of this six-year period, Perot’s Healthcare had tripled revenues to $1.5B, and the organization was named “The Number One Service Provider in Healthcare” by KLAS. This led to a long-sought-after and lucrative equity event, and a handsome return for Perot’s search investment.

“We were proclaimed “#1 Service Provider in Healthcare” and tripled our revenues. R Gaines Baty was instrumental in this effort. Even candidates complimented your thoroughness and approach. You found many of the leaders responsible for driving this success…talent we could not find on our own. R. Gaines Baty Associates deserves significant credit. We could not have done it without you.” Former President of Perot Systems Healthcare