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    Why Candidates Choose RGBA?
  1. RGBA is an established and trusted name, known for its commitment to ethical standards and professional practices
  2. We take a long-term, win-win approach, offering:

    • Candid and valid career critique and counsel

    • Straightforward and logical strategic and tactical career action plan suggestions
    • Our future success is enhanced by your long term success
  3. We do our best to make a good match for all parties:

    • We go to great lengths to determine what’s most important to you, your objectives, and

    • We ask what’s important to the client company, develop in-depth position objectives and requirements, and determine what they may have to offer you.
  4. As a respected and tenured search firm, RGBA represents selected top-tier and emerging clients, for retained, exclusive positions. In other words, these opportunities are typically not available through other sources, and RGBA’s presentation of your credentials puts you in a select group of finalists for the role or company in question.

  5. Our Search Consultants are experienced at working with top-tier clients and senior-level position searches. And our boutique size and focus allow each Search Consultant to provide you with personal, priority attention.

  6. No "hard sell". RGBA completes over 95% of assignments successfully, and does not "need" any one person to accept a position. We are objective and rational in evaluating and recommending a potential fit to candidates and clients alike.

  7. Confidentiality is a top priority. We are highly sensitive to minimizing unnecessary exposure. Our "opportunity matching process" enhances the probability of a fit, therefore optimizing dissemination of your personal career information and saving your time. No presentations are made without your prior authorization.

  8. RGBA is a long-term career partner. Whether actively "looking", or perfectly happy in your current role… and poised to consider only an exceptional career move, it’s important to have established a relationship with RGBA. Like an attorney, CPA, or dentist, it’s not advisable to need to find one after you’ve got a problem. Many of our successful search projects have been completed with individuals who were not active in the market, but merely "opportunistically open-minded."

  9. RGBA is in the business of building successful companies and successful careers, through long term relationships, quality work and, keeping all parties’ best interests in mind.

  10. RGBA is connected with sources of fresh industry and job information, and is frequently aware of opportunities outside its retained project or client base.

Conclusion: An investment of time with RGBA is a worthwhile
investment in your career




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