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Focus and a track-record in specific fields: RGBA has successfully completed hundreds of specific Management searches (the mainstream of our business since 1977) for many prominent and emerging clients. We speak the language, and can maneuver successfully in these fields.


Nationwide presence, an extensive network and a large (100,000+) proprietary database: RGBA identifies and delivers difficult-to-find talent. We know the marketplace, and can access leaders across the US, frequently in a specific local market. And, as a boutique firm, our "off-limits" list is much less restrictive than most larger, higher profile groups. RGBA’s expertise, network and range are second to none, and as a result, clients have access to the best talent available, on a local and/or national basis.


RGBA’s Search Methodology is comprehensive, focused and effective, incorporating unique and effective tools, and contributing to a high rate of success and closure. This "Search Process" helps to be efficient and successful in achieving the desired result.


Tailored Search: RGBA invests considerable time and resource upfront to understand client organizational objectives, culture, etc., as well as the dynamics, objectives and requirements of the position(s). Then RGBA principals endeavor to identify and attract persons most capable of working and excelling in the client's specific environment and that best fit the client's unique and critical needs.


Proactive recruiting approach: Each RGBA consultant is adept at recruiting difficult-to-find, proven talent that may not be included on any database. RGBA aggressively identifies and recruits strong, currently successful individuals who may not be "looking", and therefore, not otherwise be available to you. Clients receive priority attention from committed search professionals who are accountable and compensated for results.




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