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Includes Supply Chain, Logistics and Related Technology Practice

RGBA successfully identifies Supply Chain Management Executives for corporations, consulting firms, software and services providers, healthcare providers, etc. across the US.

Searches have included:

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) Food Services

  • VP Consulting, plus numerous Directors & Managers a leading Supply Chain Mgmt Software Provider

  • VPs and Directors of Logistics Food Distributor, Package Delivery Company, Manufacturer, SCM Software, Consulting Firms

  • VP Logistics Application Development, Customer Facing Systems Foodservice, Package Delivery Company, SCM Software, Consulting Firm

  • VPs & Directors, Business Development Package Delivery Company, SCM Software, Consulting, Aerospace, Tool Distributor

  • Director of Supply Chain Consulting Firm

  • Director, Forecast and Demand Planning Appliance Manufacturer, Consulting

  • Director, Purchasing Food, Communications, Spirits

  • Director, Inventory Systems Pharmaceuticals, Home/Commercial Gardening Products

  • Director of Marketing Software

  • Project Management Package Delivery Company, SCM Software, Consulting

  • Warehouse Manager Manufacturer/Distributor

  • Forecasting Manager Food, Distilled Beverage


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